Recall Issued for Mislabled Chocolate Coins

Recall Issued for Mislabled Chocolate Coins

Rockland Daily Staff

Manischewitz issued a recall on Friday, December 1, for their dark chocolate coins, as some packages may be milchig. 

The Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins were distributed to stores nationwide, predominately located in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut regions, this year during the weeks of September 26  through November 28.

This recall was initiated after Manischewitz was notified by its quantity control department that a limited number of bags labeled as “Dark Chocolate Coins” contained milk chocolate coins. All dairy milk chocolate coins are wrapped in gold foil within a blue netting, and all non-dairy dark chocolate coins are wrapped in silver foil within red netting.

Only packages bearing the lot code below may potentially have gold (dairy) coins in the “dark chocolate tagged” bag.

The UPC Code Description Lot Code is 072700200387, and the display box UPC is 072700200356 for Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins .53 oz 2283.

Consumers who may have purchased Manischewitz Dark Chocolate Coins are advised to inspect their product to see if gold foil coins are in the dark chocolate bags and beware as they would then be milchig. 

Consumers may return the product for credit or refund or contact Manischewitz at  718-369-4600 or [email protected] .

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