Monsey Memories: The Spook Rock Bridge

Yitzy FriedOn the edge of Wesley Hills sits a pond which is bordered by a dam which allows only a stream of water to flow further into the Mahwah.... read more

Monsey Memories: Reb Leibel Weinstock, z”l

By Yitzy FriedThe name of Reb Leibel Weinstock evokes nostalgic memories associated with the Yomim Tovim and the timeless stories of Tanach within.... read more

Monsey Memories: Reb Moshe Weiss (Batlan), a Legend in Skver

By: Yitzy FriedIn the lore of the Skverer chassidus, the name of Reb Moshe ‘Batlan,’ the gabbai of the previous Skverer Rebbe, zt”l, occupies a.... read more

Monsey Memories: Spring Valley Railroad Plunges 30 Feet in 1880

By: Yitzy Fried Railroad travel is a thing of the past in Rockland County, but in the days of yore, it was the primary means of transportation..... read more

Monsey Memories: The Historic Monsey Cemetery

By Yitzy FriedAt the corner of Maple Avenue and Saddle River Road lies the historic Monsey Cemetery, where soldiers from the American Civil War, the.... read more

Monsey Memories: Rabbi Yaakov Cohen

By Yitzy Fried A prominent congregation in Spring Valley for many year was the Jewish Community Center (JCC), and for decades it was led by.... read more

Monsey Memories: When Automobiles Frightened the Horses of Nyack

By Yitzy FriedIt is difficult to imagine today, but at the turn of the twentieth century, the sound of automobiles was so rare in the backwoods of.... read more

Monsey Memories: David Shapiro, Supporter of Torah

By Yitzy Fried Back in 1942, Spring Valley was a true oasis, and many wealthy people moved out there, residing in beautiful homes amid the fresh.... read more

Monsey Memories: Spring Valley Marks 180 Years

By Yitzy FriedAs the secular year of 2022 comes to a close, we can still mark the 180th anniversary of the incorporation of this village in the towns.... read more

Monsey Memories: Rabbi Moshe Kranzler Remembers Old Haverstraw and Monsey

By Yitzy FriedCongregation Sons of Jacob was a historic shul, recently closed for good, in the town of Haverstraw. As profiled previously in.... read more

Monsey Memories: The Rockland Landmark Demolished 60 Years Ago

BY Yitzy Fried Last week we profiled Elisha Peck, a wealthy industrialist who pioneered Haverstraw upon a 36-acre property. Samsondale Avenue.... read more

Monsey Memories: Elisha Peck, Industrialist of Haverstraw

By: Yitzy FriedIn the expanding community of Haverstraw, there are two landmarks that hark back close to two centuries in Haverstraw and the presence.... read more

Monsey Memories: When the Monsey Hotel Was Slated to Be Transformed Into Yeshiva Dorms

By Yitzy FriedLast week we wrote about the demise of the Monsey Hotel at the corner of Route 59 and Route 306, where weary train commuters would be.... read more

Monsey Memories: The Demise of the Monsey Hotel

By: Yitzy FriedAs we have chronicled here in the past, Monsey used to be a resort town, and in 1903, the Monsey Hotel was built across from the.... read more

Monsey Memories: Sons of Jacob, “The First Synagogue in Rockland”

By: Yitzy FriedCongregation Sons of Jacob recently closed its location at 37 Clove Ave in Haverstraw after serving the area for nearly a.... read more

Monsey Memories: Celebrating the Siyum Hashas in Yeshiva of Spring Valley

By: Yitzy FriedAs the last of the siyumim on Masechta Kesubos in the daf Yomi cycle wind down, we take a look back the time that The Journal News.... read more

Monsey Memories: Rav Shmuel Ephraim Zalman Unger, Skverer Dayan

By: Yitzy FriedThis past Sukkos marked the twentieth yohrtzeit of the Skverer dayan, zt”l, a giant talmid chochom and posek who bridged the old.... read more

Monsey Memories: The Brinks Robbery of 1981

By: Yitzy FriedOctober 20, 1981 is a day that lives in infamy for the families of the officers slain in the horrific event, and for the stillness and.... read more