Rockland Emergency Services Search for Missing Four Year Old Boy

By M.C. MillmanMeshulem Kleinman (Feishy), a four-year-old from Monsey, has been missing since 8:30 this morning. The autistic four-year-old was last.... read more

NYS Thruway Temporarily Reopened Following Dangerous Live Wires on Road

BY: Rockland Daily Staff At Approximately 2:00pm this afternoon, a high-tension electric line behind the J Lot in West Nyack snapped and landed.... read more

BDE: Shock and Grief Envelopes Satmar, as Legendary Gabbai Taken in Horrific Accident

By: Yitzy Fried At around 1:30 a.m. early Tuesday morning, reports began to filter in about a terrible accident on the southbound New York State.... read more

BDE: Rebetzin Tziporah Goldman A”h of Zvihl

It is with deep sadness that we report on the passing of Rebbetzin Tziporah Goldman, a”h, the Rebbetzin of the Zvehiller Rebbe of Monsey, and the.... read more

Skverer Rebbe and His Entourage Involved in Serious Accident

By: Rockland Daily Staff The Skverer Rebbe was in his car on Route 6 in Orange County this night, returning to New Square from the Satmar.... read more

Two Men Shot With BB Gun in Another Rockland Attack

By M. C. MillmanFor the fourth time this month, visibly frum residents of Rockland County have been attacked on a motzei Shabbos. The most.... read more

Man Attempts to Stab Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin at Campaign Rally

By Yehudit Garmaise“There is only one option,” said Lee Zeldin who was speaking about bail reform at a campaign event at the Veteran of Foreign.... read more

NISSIM IN NIAGARA: After Falling 70 Feet From Niagara Falls Gorge Trail Frum Woman Survives

By M. C. MillmanA frum woman who was hiking with her family on a Niagara Falls Gorge Trail tripped and could not stop herself from sliding over the.... read more

Breaking! Arrests Made After Projectiles were Aimed at Visibly Orthodox Jews in Monsey

By M.C. MillmanArrests have been made following an episode last Motzei Shabbos when projectiles were shot at pedestrians by the occupants of a white.... read more

Two Women Shot with BB Gun Shortly after Midnight

Two women were shot at with a BB gun shortly before 1:00am on Motze Shabbos, Chaveirim of Rockland said.The two victims were treated at the scene by.... read more

Spring Valley Teenager Killed in Parking Lot of Apartment Building

By Yehudit GarmaisePolice in Rockland County are investigating an early morning shooting that killed a 17-year-old boy who was going into 12th grade.... read more

Developing Person shot on West Eckerson Road in Spring Valley

A male shot at 150 West Eckerson Road in Spring Valley EMS is on scene treating the victim and the Police department investigating the scene.Details.... read more

ERCSD President Shimon Rose Wants to Ensure All Children Get the Education and Busing they Deserve

By Yehudit GarmaiseA year and a half after Ward 4 first elected Shimon Rose, who has lived in Chestnut Ridge for 10 years, to serve on the East.... read more

Ramapo Police Department Welcomes Three New Officers

by M. C. MillmanThe Ramapo Police Department welcomed three new officers on Friday, July 1. Graduation attendees included Ramapo Chief of Police.... read more

Breaking: Suspect in Antisemitic Incident in Sanz Shul Arrested

A suspect has been arrested for inscribing swastikas and other hate symbols on multiple areas inside the Sanzer Beis Medrash on Suzanne Drive in.... read more

With Gubernatorial Primaries Approaching, Governor Kathy Hochul Tours Eichlers of Boro Park and 13th Ave. Amid Visit to the Jewish Community

Boro Park residents greeted Governor Kathy Hochul with an outpouring of support and tangible excitement on Monday as she toured the 13th Avenue’s.... read more

Lufthansa Senior Executives Meet with Jewish Community Leaders to Discuss Anti-Semitic Incident and Fallout

Senior executives from Lufthansa airlines met with Jewish community leaders on Thursday to discuss the anti-Semitic incident that occurred at the.... read more

Beware of the Dangers Scooters May Pose

By Yehudit GarmaiseSunny days are here again, school is almost out, and kids are ready for fun, but parents should take care to ensure that children.... read more