Today in History: 3 Years Since Hatzolah's Emergency Community Announcement on COVID

M.C. MillmanThree years ago, on March 18, 2020, which came out shortly after Purim, Chevra Hatzolah released its first Emergency Community.... read more

Today in History: Con Artist Who Sold the Brooklyn Bridge Was Born

by M.C. MillmanSwindler George C. Parker, born to Irish parents on March 16, 1860, is best known for repeatedly selling the Brooklyn Bridge to.... read more

Today in History: Emergency Banking Act Signed

by M.C. MillmanOn March 9, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Emergency Banking Act to restore public confidence in the nation's.... read more

Today in History: Chile Suffers Devastating Earthquake Followed by Tsunami

by M.C. Millman Thirteen years ago, on February 27, 2010, at 3:34 a.m., Chile experienced an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that shook six Chilean.... read more

Today in History: The 1993 Bombing of the World Trade Center

by M.C. MillmanToday marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Bombing of the World Trade Center, which took place at 12:17 p.m. on February 26,.... read more

Today in History: The Exemplary WW2 Fighter Ace Was Born

M.C. MillmanOn February 21, 1910, Sir Douglas Bader, CBE, DSO, DFC, FRAeS, DL, known as the "Legless Flying Ace," was born. Bader was born in.... read more

Today in History: World Chess Champion is Humbled by a Computer

by M.C. MillmanOn February 10, 1996, then-world chess champion Garry Kasparov lost the first game of a six-game chess match against Deep Blue, an IBM.... read more

Today in History: NASA Launches a Chimpanzee Into Space

M.C. MillmanOn January 31, 1961, NASA launched a test flight with a chimpanzee on board, paving the way for the first American in space. The.... read more

Today in History: Notorious Bank Robber Captured After Making His Escape With a 'Potato' Gun

M.C. Millman John Herbert Dillinger, the first criminal in history to be named "Public Enemy Number One" on the FBI's most wanted list, was captured.... read more

Today in History: 49 Days Without Sliced Bread

M.C. MillmanA national ban on sliced bread went into effect on January 18, 1943, 14 years after it hit store shelves, due to World War II.... read more

Today in History: US Airways Miraculously Lands on Hudson

M.C. Millman On January 15, 2009, U.S. Airways flight 1549 made a miraculous emergency landing in the Hudson River, saving all 155 people on the.... read more

Today in History: National Milk Day

M.C. Millman Today was chosen as Milk Day in America because milk was delivered to customers in glass bottles for the first time in the country on.... read more

Today in History: French Balloonist Takes the First Balloon Flight in the U.S.

by M.C. Millman Jean-Pierre Blanchard sparked a national interest in ballooning when he took the first balloon flight in the U.S. on January 9,.... read more

Today in History: The Man Who Was Minutes Away From Killing Hitler

M.C. MillmanToday marks the birthday of the carpenter and would-be assassin Georg Elser, who was close to achieving worldwide fame if only his plan.... read more

Today in History: The Birthday of a Remarkable Scientist

M.C. MillmanOn December 27, 1822, French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur, who forever changed science as we know it, was born. The.... read more

Today in History: The US "Converts" to the Metric System

M.C. MillmanPresident Gerald Ford signed the Metric Conversion Act into law on December 23, 1975, promoting the conversion from US customary units of.... read more

Today in History: 249th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

by M.C. MillmanA significant act of defiance occurred 249 years ago today when American colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians destroyed 342 crates of.... read more

Today in History: Remembering the Great Killer Smog of London

M.C. MillmanLondoners heating their homes and businesses during the frigid winter of 1952 never imagined their burning coal would contribute to the.... read more