OU and CRC Issue Joint Statement Affirming Kashrus of Meat Sold at Bingo

YS GoldFollowing the spread of malicious rumors on Sunday casting doubt upon the kashrus of the meat sold at Bingo Supermarkets, the kashrus.... read more

Planet Parade Lights up the Sky Tonight in Rockland

by Mindy Cohn Starting tonight and for the next few days, if you're outside around sunset and the weather cooperates, you can see five planets,.... read more

Flights Grounded at Ben-Gurion, as Airport Workers Join Widespread Strike That Caused Netanyahu to Freeze Judicial Reform

By Yehudit GarmaiseAll flights at Ben-Gurion Airport are grounded, announced Pinchas Idan, the chairman of Israel's Airport Authority Committee this.... read more

Rockland County Purchases 11.83 Acres of Davies Farm Property

by Rockland Daily StaffRockland County recently paid four million dollars for 11.83 acres of vacant residential land belonging to Davies Farm, Inc.,.... read more

Rockland County Celebrates Transfer of Land to Ramapough Lunaape Nation

by Rockland Daily StaffRockland County Government representatives joined the Ramapo Munsee Land Alliance, the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, and The Land.... read more

Advocates for Immigrants in Orange County Jail Complain They Lack Sufficient Medical Attention

by Mindy CohnAdvocates for the Orange County Correctional Facility's immigration population submitted a complaint to the Department of Homeland.... read more

H.E.R.R.O. College Tuition Program - Rockland County's Newest Incentive Launched to Benefit Emergency Personnel

by M.C. MillmanRockland County has launched an innovative tuition reimbursement program to help volunteer fire departments and E.M.S. agencies.... read more

Sounds Nuts but TSA Defines Peanut Butter as a Liquid

by Mindy CohnAccording to the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, peanut butter is classified as a liquid and so can only be brought on.... read more

Weekly Weather: A Mixed Bag for First Full Week of Spring

Yaker BiegeleisenThis week will see some sunny days, beginning today, Sunday, but it will be windy due to a storm passing to our north. We.... read more

Today - Monsey Swabbing Drive to Save Young Father

by Rockland Daily StaffA swabbing drive coordinated by the legendary Ezer Mizion organization in conjunction with Beis Medrash Ohr Chaim in Forshay.... read more

U.S. Banks Cooperate to Keep Americans’ Savings Secure

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter the collapses of California’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and New York’s Signature Bank, stressed American customers.... read more

New Interactive Website Allows Users to Search Property Information in Town of Ramapo

by Rockland Daily StaffThe Assessor's Office recently updated its website with a new property portal known as Property Record Online System,.... read more

Fire Breaks out During Shacharis Shabbos Morning at Congregation Bais Torah in Suffern

by Rockland Daily StaffA fire broke out during shacharis at  Congregation Bais Torah, located at 89 W. Carlton Road in Suffern. Emergency.... read more

Senator Bill Weber Awards Hatzoloh Member With a Liberty Medal for Saving a Life on Flight

by Mindy CohnOn January 25, on flight 571 from LaGuardia to Fort Lauderdale, a female passenger collapsed in the aisle, as reported by Rockland Daily.... read more

Embrace the Excitement of Mechiras Chametz with the Yorucha Program's New Curriculum: Monsey Chaburos Led by Local Rabbis

by Ben CantorThe Yorucha Business Halacha Program, a groundbreaking initiative by the Bais Havaad Halacha Center, is excited to introduce its latest.... read more

Scheiner Family to Donate Sefer Torah in Honor of Sephardic Minyan in Memory of Rav Ovadiah Yosef Zt'l

Yitzy FriedKhal Ohr Chaim-Scheiner’s is the brainchild of R’ Lazer Scheiner of Monsey and welcomes Yidden of all stripes at all hours of the day.... read more

Haverstraw Upgrades Eruv for First Time Since 2018 to Include Bigger Swath of Residents

by M.C. MillmanAfter more than a year of extensive preparation, a new section of the Monsey Eruv was completed this week to include a new part of.... read more

New Traffic Light Installed in Monsey After Safety Concerns Abound Over the Years

by Rockland Daily StaffAfter a series of car accidents and pedestrians struck at the crossroads, the Town of Ramapo Highway Department has installed.... read more