Weekend Weather: A Cold, Rainy Friday Night With Potential for Snow

Yaker Biegeleisen This weekend will see cold rain with the possibility of snow. Friday night will see rain throughout the night, with.... read more

Weekly Weather: Cold Weather for Purim Week

By Yaker Biegeleisen We begin the week with a balmy 50 degrees and sunny conditions for Sunday and Monday.  We will drop into the.... read more

Weekend Weather: Storm Will Bring Freezing Precipitation, Heavy Rain and Wind Friday Night

By Yaker Biegeleisen A storm will arrive late Friday afternoon and will bring heavy weather in our area. It will begin as freezing precipitation.... read more

Storm Could Bring Rockland Area 5-8 Inches

By: Yaker Biegeleisen A winter storm warning has been issued for Rockland County, and the storm is expected to, at long last, bring a.... read more

Weekend Weather: Temps to Plummet, Again

By Yaker BiegeleisenFollowing a week that saw temperatures go up and down, a cold front passed through this morning, changing things to a colder air.... read more

Weekend Weather: Following Record-Breaking Temps, Cold Weather to Return

By Yaker Biegeleisen Thursday’s temperatures broke records for this time of year. Friday morning, we begin with warm temperatures, but.... read more

Weekend Weather: Subzero Temperatures Here

By Yaker Biegeleisen The bitter cold is here. We are currently experiencing low 20-degree temperatures, but the wind makes it feel even.... read more

Weekend Weather: Slightly Milder for Shabbos

By Yaker Biegeleisen While the last two days have been slightly cooler and windier, the weather will warm up slightly for Shabbos. This is.... read more

Weekend Weather: Temps Drop as Cold Front Arrives

By Yaker BiegeleisenThe showers we have had for more than a day will move out sometime Friday morning, followed by a cold front.While we have enjoyed.... read more

Weekend Weather: Drying up, Cooling Down

By Yaker Biegeleisen We saw a fair bit of rain this week, and together with that came milder temperatures. As we head into Shabbos, the rain.... read more

Weekend Weather: Clearing up and Cooling Down

By: Yaker Biegeleisen We have had a pattern of cloudy and rainy weather for the second part of the week, but the temperatures remained.... read more

Weekly Weather: A Mild Week Ahead, Potential Storm Toward Weekend

By Yaker BiegeleisenThe warm spell that we had over Shabbos continues this week. We will see temperatures in the 50’s during the day and the.... read more

Weekend Weather: Mild Weather With a Possible Shower

By Yaker Biegeleisen In what will surely be a welcome relief from just one week ago, temperatures this weekend will be very mild. Friday.... read more

Weekly Weather: Steady Warming, Hitting High 50's by Friday

By Yaker Biegeleisen We experienced a record this past Friday for the speed of the drastic temperature drop—a drop of 50 degrees in one.... read more

Weekend Weather: Frigid Temps with Real-Feel 15-Below-Zero

By: Yaker Biegeleisen Following a warmer pattern with rain overnight Thursday, the promised cold front has arrived. First, we will see some.... read more

Heavy Rainstorm to Affect Rockland Thursday Night Overnight

By: Yaker BiegeleisenThe storm that we have been watching all week is barreling eastward toward our area, with Rockland expected to be hit with rain.... read more

EXPANDED WEEKEND WEATHER: Snow and Ice to Affect Monsey Area Thursday and Friday

BY Yaker Biegeleisen A slow-moving storm is coming into the Monsey area around 1:00 this afternoon. It will bring snow and ice all Thursday.... read more

Weekend Weather: Storm comes in, Followed by Below-Average Temps

As predicted, Tropical Storm Nicole made landfall in Florida, and is currently making its way up the coast. The rain and the wind will come into.... read more