Weekly Weather: Sunny Start to Week Ending in Showers

Today will see a high of 35 degrees under sunny to partly cloudy skies.Monday and Tuesday will be sunny, with highs in the upper thirties..... read more

Weekend Weather: Light Snow Precedes Mostly Sunny Weekend

Erev Shabbos will see mostly sunny skies with highs barely reaching 40 for the day.  Clouds will thicken overnight, with an.... read more

Weather Alert: Additional Snowfall Expected Overnight and Into Tomorrow

The predicted amount of accumulation expected for Rockland County in tonight's upcoming snowstorm has increased to a  potential twelve inches.... read more

Weekly Weather: Snow Expected in Week Ahead

Today will be overcast with a high of 48 degrees. Monday.... read more

Weekend Weather: Above Average Temperatures for Weekend Ahead

Weekend temperatures will be 10 to 20 degrees above average as the sun breaks through the clouds later this afternoon and temperatures reach 46.... read more

Weekly Weather: Warmer Temperatures as Week Progresses

Sunday will see a high of 41, along with clear skies. Monday through Wednesday will also be sunny, with highs.... read more

Weekend Weather: Sunny Weekend Ahead

After a rainy start, the sky will start to clear, and the temperature will reach the low 40s, beginning a dry stretch for the.... read more

Weekly Weather: Mostly Cloudy Week Ahead

Rain will continue for most of the day, with temperatures in the mid-thirties. There is the possibility of rain turning into snow.... read more

Weekend Weather: Damp and Dreary Weekend Ahead

We are in for a rainy weekend, starting with light rain for most of the day and temperatures in the low forties.Shabbos night will be.... read more

Weekly Weather: Wet Week Ahead

Today will be sunny but cold, with highs in the mid-twenties. Overnight, temperatures will drop into the teens.... read more

Weekend Weather: Frigid Weekend Ahead

Erev Shabbos will see a high of 27 degrees with a wind chill of 19 in the afternoon and even colder as the evening wears.... read more

Winter Weather Advisory for Rockland

Snow is expected to develop Friday morning,.... read more

Weekly Weather: Snow Throughout Much of the Week

Today will be partly cloudy and windy, with wind increasing over the day, reaching 20-30 mph, while the day's high will hover around 36.... read more

Weekend Weather: Heavy Rain and More Flooding Expected Over Weekend

Today will be partly cloudy in the morning, with a high of 45 degrees. Clouds will build over the day, resulting in heavy rainfall.... read more

Weekly Weather: Mix of Rain and Sun for Week Ahead

Rockland Daily Staff A wintery mix will continue throughout the day, with the rain and snow showers tapering off after 1:00.... read more

Weekend Weather: Winter Storm Watch in Effect Shabbos Afternoon Through Sunday Afternoon

Rockland Daily StaffFriday, the quiet before the storm, will be sunny with a high of 36 degrees that will feel more like 30 with the.... read more

Weekly Weather: Mild and Mostly Dry Week Ahead

Rockland Daily StaffPartly cloudy day today with a high of 42.The temperature will drop to 33 overnight with mostly cloudy.... read more

Weekend Weather: Overcast Weekend Ahead

Rockland Daily StaffClouds will continue throughout the day on Erev Shabbos following a morning of patchy fog. Highs will reach fifty. The.... read more