Rockland County Legislators Join Worldwide Condemnation of Putin’s Onslaught

By Sarah Morgenstern

Rockland County legislators signed, Tuesday night, a resolution that condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: joining the many worldwide voices that stand with the beleaguered nation that is fighting strong.

“We stand with the people of Ukraine as their independent nation endures a sixth day and night of bombardment by Vladimir Putin,” said Rockland County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood, Jr., before initiating a moment of silence and a prayer for peace. 

“The Ukrainian people have shown incredible resilience: refusing to back down or lay down their arms despite being outnumbered and outgunned,” Hood said. “Although the Ukrainians have organized a resistance that stymied Putin’s efforts, tonight, thousands of Russian troops appear ready to lay siege to Kyiv, to other cities and to the more than two million-plus people who are there.”

“What we are doing here tonight is important,” stated Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder, who noted that “some might wonder what Rockland County’s moralizing resolution can accomplish.”

“President Putin is not waiting to not hear from us,” noted Weider, who explained that resolutions, such as Rockland County’s condemnation of Putin add to the impact of similar resolutions that inspire city, state, and global governments to actively help the Ukrainian people.

“The resolutions encourage Ukrainians in Ukraine and abroad, including in the US, to stay strong and collectively, the voice of the whole world will ultimately be victorious to free Ukraine from Putin’s onslaught,” the legislator insisted.

The vote of Rockland County’s legislators is important, Weider said, because when “Our children and grandchildren read about what we have witnessed yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and they ask us, ‘Did we do anything? Did we stand up for what is right?’

“We must be able to answer, ‘Yes. We did something.’

“Even as little as passing a resolution in the Rockland County legislative chambers: condemning the invasion of Ukraine, the brutal attacks, the killing of innocent men, women, and children.”

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