MTA Board Advances Controversial Congestion Pricing Plan

MTA Board Advances Controversial Congestion Pricing Plan

by M.C. Millman 

The MTA's board voted in a 9-1 vote yesterday to take the next step to advance its Congestion Pricing plan.

The draft details of the Congestion Pricing plan were reported last week by Rockland Daily here.

Yesterday's development means the MTA has opened up the process to a 60-day public comment period to allow people to weigh in on the plan and ask questions.

This public comment period is nothing new. It took place in September 2022, as reported by Rockland Daily here and here, yet nothing seems to sway the relentless march towards establishing the MTA's Congestion Pricing plan despite tremendous and vocal public objection, including strong sentiment against the toll from Congressman Lawler, Senator Bill Weber, as reported by Rockland Daily here, and Rockland County Executive Ed Day, as reported by Rockland Daily here.

Congestion pricing would cost vehicles entering Manhattan below 60th Street $15. Trucks will cost $24-$36, depending on size, motorcycles  $7.50, taxis $1.25, and rideshare vehicles $2.50, with the MTA reserving the right to increase congestion pricing by 25% on gridlock alert days. The MTA also reserves the right to change the tolls by a maximum of 10% within the toll's initial 12 months.

If approved following the public review process, tolling could begin in early June.

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