Congestion Pricing Reveal for Rockland Commuters Entering NYC's Central Business District

Congestion Pricing Reveal for Rockland Commuters Entering NYC's Central Business District
by Rockland Daily Staff

With the publication of the new congestion pricing draft made public yesterday by CBS, Rockland County commuters now know exactly what it's going to cost them to enter New York's Central Business District once congestion pricing goes into effect.

In response to the news, Congressman Mike Lawler (NY-17) released the following statement after news broke that commuters are likely to face additional costs of $15 a day thanks to Kathy Hochul's congestion cash grab.
"For months, I have warned that Hudson Valley commuters will have to pay up to $5,000 a year just to get to work under the MTA's congestion pricing cash grab," says Congressman Mike Lawler. "Today's news is a reminder of what we have known all along - New Yorkers are about to face a massive new tax just to get to work. That's outrageous and unacceptable."
"Just in time for the holidays, Governor Hochul, Albany legislators, and the MTA are giving Hudson Valley residents a giant lump of coal in order to subsidize the MTA's subpar service," Congressman Lawler continued. "Since Albany refuses to fix the mess they created, I will keep doing what I can at the federal level to help my constituents navigate the affordability crisis their actions are only worsening."
"Earlier this year, I joined my colleagues Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05) and Jeff Van Drew (NJ-02) in introducing the Anti-Congestion Tax Act. I also co-sponsored Representative D'Esposito's (NY-04) resolution opposing congestion pricing, which was referred unanimously from the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure," added Congressman Lawler. "As Co-Chair of the Anti-Congestion Tax Caucus, I urge the House to pass these measures and I will continue working with my colleagues to top congestion pricing dead in its tracks."

According to the CBS draft report commuters are going to be required to pay a $15 toll to enter Manhattan below 60th Street with the recommendsation that toll be enforced between 5 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekends.
Tolls for other vehicles are:
Small trucks - $24
Large trucks - $36
Taxis - additional $1.25 surcharge per ride
For-hire vehicles - additional $2.50 surcharge per ride
Tour buses - $36
Charter buses - $24

All drivers will get a 75% discount if they enter the Central Business District after 9 p.m., paying only $3.50.
Drivers coming through the Holland, Lincoln, Queens-Midtown or Brooklyn Battery tunnels during the day would get a $5 credit towards that $15 fee, meaning they would only have to pay $10. They would not receive a credit at night.
Other vehicles would also receive credits for coming through the tunnels:
Motorcycles - $2.50
Small trucks - $12
Large trucks - $20

The report does not allow for credits for those with medical appointments or individuals with sensitive medical conditions that prevent them from taking public transportation.

The report is just a draft and still has to be approved by the MTA board. It will be open for public comment.

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