O&R's Emergency Response Ready for Storm

O&R's Emergency Response Ready for Storm

By Rockland Daily Staff

As the winter storm sweeps into the Northeast and approaches New York today, O&R is mobilizing its emergency response. Weather reports predict torrential rain and winds of 10 to 25 mph, gusting as high as 45 mph, and possible snow. The rain is expected to stop by Thursday morning but there’s a chance it’ll pick up again Thursday afternoon and evening. 

O&R is expecting power outages and damage and are warning residents to watch out for downed wires and trees. O&R crews and tree removal experts, customer service operators and other O&R emergency response teams will be activated and deployed at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

O&R is also advising owners of EVs to charge their cars before the storm starts.

If you see a downed wire, call 877-434-4100.  To report an outage, call 877-434-4100.

Stay safe out there!

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