Community United for Retzon Tzaddik Campaign on behalf of R’ Moshe Yosef Friedlander’s efforts at ‘Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse’

Community United for Retzon Tzaddik Campaign on behalf of R’ Moshe Yosef Friedlander’s efforts at ‘Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse’

A grassroots, community-wide campaign is underway today and tomorrow to support Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse, the acclaimed center of chesed in Kerestir under the leadership of R’ Moshe Yosef Friedlander. 

The campaign marks the ten year anniversary from when the doors to the Guesthouse were first opened. It may be hard to imagine today, but just over a decade ago, it was hard to find a fresh meal in Kerestir. Visitors who came to the great tzaddik’s kever would not have a place to sit down, recharge, and be provided with all they need on their journey.

That led R’ Moshe Yosef, whose family hails from Kerestir, to open the doors to Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse. The new project was housed in a complex purchased for this purpose by Reb Shayeleh’s grandchildren, the Landau family. 

With time the activities expanded in ways that even he could never imagine. Today, Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse bustles with activity 365 days a year, at all hours of the day and night. 

A large commercial kitchen cooks food around the clock that is then served in the comfortable dining room at all hours. A beis medrash hosts minyanim and learning without interruption. All necessary items are provided for travelers and those coming to daven at the tziyon. And in more recent years a full-fledged mikvah taharah was built that not only serves travelers but draws Hungarian Jews from dozens of towns within driving distance. 

Naturally, this operation bears a heavy financial burden, one that falls squarely on the shoulders of Rabbi Friedlander. That is why friends of Reb Shayeleh’s Guesthouse and Yidden who have benefited from it are joining forces in an initiative titled Retzon Tzaddik to celebrate this ten-year anniversary.

As its name suggests, Retzon Tzaddik is a united grassroots commitment to fulfilling Reb Shayeleh’s wish by supporting those who continue to perpetuate his holy and selfless work. The campaign will take place today and tomorrow, January 16 and 17, ten years after the Guesthosue first opened its doors.

Over the years, many Yidden have reported seeing tremendous yeshuos upon contributing to this lofty mission. It is certain that the community will step up to support this massive chesed operation and thereby connect to the great power of Reb Shaya Ben Reb Moshe and his avodas hachesed.

To submit your donation and have your kvitel delivered to the kever, please visit or call 718-568-5743 Power Reb Shayeleh’s mission now and reap a world of zechusim!

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