Brazen Thieves Steal Catalytic Converter Out of New Hempstead Driveway

Brazen Thieves Steal Catalytic Converter Out of New Hempstead Driveway

By M.C. Millman

As catalytic converter thefts continue unabated, a gang of thieves on the prowl last night stole the catalytic converter out of Yossi Gestetner, community activist's Mitsubishi Outlander, at 4:08 a.m.

The car was parked on the driveway of Gestener's home on  Fessler Drive in New Hempstead.

"I heard the noise of someone sawing and looked through the camera's live feed," Yossie Gestetner shares exclusively with Rockland Daily. "At first, I didn't notice what was going on, but a few seconds in, I noticed people leaving the driveway and getting into a white sedan. I figured what's done is done, and I wasn't going to bother the police to write a report at 4:08, and I was not going to get Chaverim members out of bed."

Then at 4:15 a.m., Gestetner saw the same vehicle which had left going east to west, driving in the opposite direction, seemingly prowling for its next victim.

“I called Chaveirim and 9-1-1,” Gestetner shares. "I was told that the police department gave chase because an officer on Viola Road saw the car, and another police car picked up the chase at Spook Rock, but it was discontinued near exit 15 near New Jersey.

"One thing I can take from this incident beyond having cameras is that anytime such an incident takes place, even if the incident is done, you can actually make a difference if you contact law enforcement sooner because it's very possible the thieves are still in the neighborhood trying to commit another crime. The sooner you call, the more of a chance you have for law enforcement to stop people in their tracks. As to what would happen if they were caught, they would probably be out by midday, but this is beside the point."

Rockland Daily spoke to a neighbor who lives a few blocks away from Gestetner and who has been a New Hempstead resident for the past thirty years.

"I am not really an old-time Monsey resident, like those who used to leave their houses unlocked when they first moved in, but I used to leave my car unlocked. I don't anymore."

Residents can protect their vehicles by applying some of the suggestions reported by Rockland Daily here.

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