‘Zeh Mizeh’ Satmar Business Expo in New Jersey Draws Thousands

‘Zeh Mizeh’ Satmar Business Expo in New Jersey Draws Thousands

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Thousands from within our very own community were in attendance Wednesday at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison, New Jersey, for a fair that saw more than 350 businesses exhibiting from within the Satmar community alone. 

“These are men who have been born and bred inside the Satmar community who have envisioned and created multi-million-dollar businesses with sheer creativity, hard work, and of course, siyatta diShmaya,” said one attendee who was awed by what he saw throughout the day. 

The booths on display were extremely varied in nature—but they all had one thing in common; they were manned by people who had grown up in Satmar, and wish to help out their fellow chassidim by supporting their business. 

Indeed, the expo was a stunning display…far beyond the stunning booths, each of which stood out for their beauty and creativity: It was an illustration of every good quality that our community is known for.

“The positive vibe within the enormous room was palpable,” one attendee told Rockland Daily. “The good wishes from one competitor to another… the true and heartfelt desire to see them succeed and do well in their business were astounding to see.” 

The Satmar Business Expo is the brainchild of the Satmar leadership, and is strongly encouraged by the Satmar Rebbe throughout every step of the way of the months of planning and intense work. Illustrating his support was the attendance of Rav Shmiel Teitelbaum, gabbai and right hand of the Rebbe, who attended the event and made his way from one booth to another, delivering the Rebbe’s good wishes for their success. Another prominent attendee was Reb Berel Jacobowitz, Rosh Hakohol of Khal Yetev Lev, who was among those who initially came up with the idea for this expo.  

“The goal of the expo,” said one organizer, “is to increase inter-community business on a huge scale—to make people aware of vendors and businesses from their community who can service them in every need they may have.” 

Tasked by Satmar with the conception and execution of the expo is R’ Yoel Fried of Friedco Media who now has a second hugely-successful expo under his belt. “As I sit here on the day following the expo, I marvel at the incredible zechis that I and my entire team have had to be a part of such an incredible kiddush Hashem,” he told Rocklan Daily. “Every bit of the months of planning and intense toil were worth it just to bring Yidden together and glean parnassah from one another.”  

As thousands slowly streamed out of the expo center, and the stunning booths painstakingly dismantled, the aura and the vibe of the day will remain with the attendees and exhibitors for a long time to come.  

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