Yeshiva Parent Tries to Secure Buses and Tutoring for Yeshiva Children by Attempting to Run for Suffern School Board

Yeshiva Parent Tries to Secure Buses and Tutoring for Yeshiva Children by Attempting to Run for Suffern School Board

By Sarah Morgenstern

Two parents who send their children to yeshivas in Suffern were suspiciously blocked from running for the Suffern Central School Board (SCSB), on which no yeshiva parents now serve, although their children comprise 30% of the school district.

One candidate, who just moved to the area, sought to run, but now he wishes to remain anonymous after he and his family received hateful threats on social media after the news came out that he sought to run for the SCSB, which requires candidates to live in Suffern for one year continuously.

Also strangely, the former candidate's home was visited by a municipal zoning inspector on the very day that Lohud published the news that he aimed to run for the Suffern school board.

Lieby Breuer, a real estate manager who resides in Westley Hills, however, has lived continuously in the Suffern Central School District (SCSD), for six years, although the school board objected to his candidacy because his driver’s license, for four months, listed his address in Airmont, where his children live with their mother, but where he does not live.

Bruer said the district’s refusals to provide both buses for children to get to and from yeshiva on time and Title I and Title III tutors were the issues that motivated him to run.

“As you know, we entered the school board election campaign hoping to be a voice for the 30% of parents and taxpayers in this district who currently do not have one.” Breuer wrote to Suffern yeshiva parents, asking them to attend last night’s meeting to show their support. “Unfortunately, both of us private school parents were disqualified from running due to technicalities.

“I, Lieby Breuer, will personally face the board tonight and let them know how we were wronged since 2016 when the board took away our children’s bus, and how it feels for us private school parents when we are continuously being silenced.”

Although Breuer submitted his candidate’s petition, signed by 300, on time on April 18: the first day of Chol HaMoed, and was slated to speak at Tuesday night’s board meeting, he was surprised when he arrived last night and had been told that he had missed his slot.

The meeting had been mysteriously pushed back to 7pm instead of 7:30pm, which is the time at which the meeting regular meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

The board will next meet on May 3, and as of now, the incumbents will run unchallenged in the May 17 election.

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