Warning: Don't Miss the Bus - Deadline to Register Students Fast Approaching

Warning: Don't Miss the Bus - Deadline to Register Students Fast Approaching

by M.C. Millman

After hundreds of parents were left stranded at the beginning of the year after being told by the school district that they missed the registration for busing,  parents are being forwarned to make sure to get in their applications on time this year. 

All Rockland County schools should have received the transportation renewal applications for the upcoming school year from the East Ramapo Central School District and the application for new students. 

Or, if the school requests that the district mail the renewal applications directly to parents, parents should have received the applications for that as well by now as well. Parents should submit a renewal application for each student.

"We encourage all schools and parents to not wait until the last minute," Rabbi Hersh Horowitz, Executive Director of Community Outreach Center, shares with Rockland Daily readers, "but to get to work on these applications immediately. 

"This year, as in the past, the district plans to be very strict with the April 1 deadline, and we have all witnessed how dozens of students did not receive bussing when they missed the deadline this school year. The only way to submit an application to the East Ramapo Central School District and be guaranteed it will be processed is to submit it via email. This is a direct result of the many reported instances of parents hand-delivering application forms, only to have the district claim in too many cases that they never received them."

The email address to submit applications to is [email protected].

All districts have the same April 1 deadline. 

Below are links to the neighboring district transportation websites to download the respective transportation forms.

Suffern School District

North Rockland School District

Clarkstown School District

Nanuet School District

If you have any questions or require further information, contact COC at  845.356.9600. 

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