Village of Spring Valley Trustees Approve Expansive Paving Project

Village of Spring Valley Trustees Approve Expansive Paving Project

by M.C. Millman

 Last night, the Village of Spring Valley board of trustees approved an expanded paving project throughout the Village of Spring Valley.

“I am thrilled to be able to share the good news regarding the upcoming paving within the Village,” Spring Valley Village Trustee Sruly Eisenbach shares with Rockland Daily. “The fact is that it’s next to impossible to pave all the streets every year. The best plan going forward would be to create a scheduled rotation of sorts which I hope to be able to do in the coming years. In the meantime, people should understand that if their street isn’t being paved, it’s often for a good reason. For example, several streets have upcoming water company improvements scheduled that will affect them, so we aren’t going to pave those areas before that work is done. Additionally, when Veolia Water digs up a road, the repairs are often partly covered by the water company, which gives us another reason to wait until their work is complete. Just know that we didn’t forget you, and your street’s time will come.”

According to Eisenbach, the Village was divided into four sections, with roads selected from each section to be as fair as possible to all residents. 

 The project will include the following streets.

  • Gerow Avenue to George Street
  • Ridge Avenue
  •  West Church Street from North Cole to Madison Avenue
  •  Commerce Street between Myrtle Avenue and Route 45
  •  West Street
  •  Maple from North Cole to the railroad tracks
  •  Parker Street to Hoyt Street
  •  Francis Place
  •  Ohio Avenue
  •  The intersection of Elener Lane and the corner of Nancy Lane
  • Nancy Lane to the corner of North Rigaud

The paving project is slated to begin in the summer. 


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