Update: Scotland Hill Eruv is Up and Ready for Shabbos After Two Weeks With No Eruv

Update: Scotland Hill Eruv is Up and Ready for Shabbos After Two Weeks With No Eruv

By M. C. Millman

Update: February 22 - 6:11 p.m.

After two long weeks with no Eruv, the new and improved Scotland Hill Eruv is up and completely kosher in time for Shabbos.


The Eruv of Monsey and Vicinities received approval from the New York State Thruway Authority to put up an adjustment to the Scotland Hill eruv section, resolving a critical issue that deeply affected the Scotland Hill community for the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, a recent incident, where an individual disrupted the Eruv and caused significant hardship for hundreds of families in the area, meant that the community could no longer carry on Shabbos, push strollers, or have any items in their pockets. 

In an effort to find a solution, the Eruv of Monsey and Vicinities, spearheaded by Rabbi Chaim Meir Steinmetz, Rav of the organization, arranged a meeting with the Thruway Authority and was successful in expediting the process of gaining permission for the eruv to utilize the thruway given the urgency to the community. 

"The community was incredibly pleased with the level of accommodation and understanding extended to us," Village of Chestnut Ridge Trustee Shmuli Fromovitz shares exclusively with Rockland Daily. "Their team listened attentively to the problem, demonstrating a commendable level of cultural sensitivity. We are particularly grateful for the efficient manner in which the NYS Thruway Authority helped implement a solution, which included issuing permits for erecting a fence.

"The absence of an Eruv these past few weeks has heightened our awareness and deepened our appreciation for the dedicated individuals and Rabbonim who invest significant time and effort to ensure that our community has an Eruv that adheres to the highest standards."

Rockland Daily confirmed with the Vaad HaEruv that the eruv was intentionally torn down by the same individual. Despite all efforts, he remained resolute in his determination to dismantle the eruv, causing disruption to menuchas Shabbos for the entire neighborhood.

It was with great mesiras nefesh that Rabbi Steinmetz came up with the solution involving the NYS State Thruway Authority, so the eruv no longer runs through private property. After a meeting with the thruway authority last Thursday, permission was granted expeditiously so that the eruv can now be installed. Having the eruv put up on the actual thruway means that if anyone tampers with it, it will be illegal and can lead to their arrest. 

"I always say each string has its own story," Rabbi Steinmetz shares with Rockland Daily. "And this is just one more story. There were a lot of people who were involved in helping, so we should be able to solve this quickly, and we all appreciate the work they did."

The work is expected to be done on Thursday to have the eruv ready in time for Shabbos. 

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