Update: More Security Volunteers Will Be Added in New Square Following Jarring String of Thefts Early This Morning.

Update: More Security Volunteers Will Be Added in New Square Following Jarring String of Thefts Early This Morning.

By Rockland Daily Staff

Update 4:19 p.m.

More details have been released as per Ershte Hilf, who has relayed that more security volunteers will be added throughout the nights ahead in the shtetl following the jarring string of thefts that took place early this morning. 

The newly released information includes details on the two thieves who drove into New Square at 4:02 a.m. By reaching out the car window, the pair was able to check for open doors of the vehicles they passed. When they found an unlocked door, they exited their car, and ransacked the targeted vehicle of valuables before moving on to the next car.

As previously reported, they tried entering a few houses, but baruch Hashem they were met with total locked doors and windows..

Askanim, who is working together with the police, have the license plate number of the car driven by the perpetrators. Even though the plates are suspended, both are confident that by working together, they will catch the thieves.

UPDATE: 12:19 p.m.

Owners of more than ten vehicles reported that they suffered the loss of valuables during last night's car break-ins in the Village of New Square in the neighborhood of Slavita and Stern Street.

Camera footage reveals that the thieves also tried to enter several residences but were b'H unsuccessful. 


A number of New Square residents woke up this morning to find the valuables in their cars stolen by thieves who made their way into the quiet shtetl during the early morning today.

It is not yet known the amount of valuables the suspects stole or exactly how long they thefts went on for. Askanim are working tirelessly with the police department to get the perp's identities and bring them to justice.

The thefts took place on Slavita Street and Stern Street. In one case, a very expensive Shtramel was stolen.

Meanwhile, the Ershte Hilf requested all residents who might have footage of the incidents and the perps to share it with them and the Ramapo Police Department to help out in the investigation. Anyone with footage should call the Ershte Hilf office at 845-364-1000, option 4.

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