Tzedek Pre-Launches Fundraising Campaign in Rockland

Tzedek Pre-Launches Fundraising Campaign in Rockland

M.C. Millman

Tzedek held a pre-campaign event Thursday night in Rockland attended by Senator Roger Marshall from Kansas, who arrived via helicopter from Washington to address an exclusive group of vital participants. 

The organization is working to revolutionize one of the greatest struggles families face in the community. Its success will be life-changing — and life-creating — for countless families in the most difficult of predicaments. While medical options exist, their costs are astronomical and, even with the assistance of wonderful tzedakah organizations, often can't be met without great difficulty. 

Republican Senator Marshall, the U.S. Senate Health Committee Chairman and sponsor of the bill that aims to mandate insurance companies to pay for infertility treatments spoke about how honored he feels to work on this legislation. As an ob-gyn who delivered over 5,000 babies during his career, Marshall attested to his firm belief in the absolute medical necessity of this legislation that he is working diligently in a bipartisan effort to pass mandated insurance coverage in Congress. 

In the rest of the Western world, the government and insurance providers cover the costs of these wondrous treatments, but not in the United States, which remains woefully behind in this area. 

Tzedek is working on a three-pronged push to bring this injustice to an end, calling for a change in federal law, demanding that private insurance companies, and eventually government-funded insurance, do what's right and cover these invaluable treatments.

The first phase in Tzedek's plan is to see infertility treatment included in the category of 'medical necessities,' amending ERISA, and requiring commercial insurance companies to cover these treatments. 

The second phase will see general marketplace insurance companies be pressed into doing the same to be eligible for the Obamacare exchanges.

The final stage will be convincing Medicaid to follow the market and cover these vital services.

As insurance companies are pouring millions in lobbying money to stop this from happening, Tzedek is fighting back by working to acquire millions to win— for generations.

To do that, Tzedek is launching its full campaign from the Armon Hotel in Connecticut this Sunday and Monday. Senator Marshall will be there along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who is championing the legislation from the Democratic side. 

"Donating to Tzedek is a tremendous investment," one of Tzedek's volunteers tells Rockland Daily, "with the donation multiplying immeasurably for years to come."  

For more information, visit Tzedek here. 

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