TODAY: Kevias Mezuzah for New Tiferes Elka Viznitz Wedding Hall

TODAY: Kevias Mezuzah for New Tiferes Elka Viznitz Wedding Hall

By M. C. Millman

The new Tiferes Elka Hall, located at 2 School Terrace off Calvert Drive, inside Viznitz's new Bnos Yisroel Viznitz school in Monsey, is ready to celebrate its first chasunah in two days.   

The new, centrally located 10,000-square-foot hall reflects the growing need within the community for additional simcha venues. The new location, as reported by Rockland Daily here, has enough parking for 200 cars and can accommodate two different Shabbos simchos inside the hall.  

While the hall was originally named Ateres Elka, a simcha hall in Baltimore with the same name requested that the Monsey location change its name before becoming official. Those behind the newly renamed Tiferes Elka Hall were perfectly willing to comply to prevent confusion. 

Following Bnos Yisroel Viznitz's move into its new location half a year ago, work on the hall was able to move along at full force with a heavy focus building over the last month as pressure mounted to finish the hall on schedule.

In preparation for the hall's first chasunah on Thursday, the Viznitzer Rebbe will affix the hall's main mezuzah later today. After the kevias mezuzah, the first event at the hall will be an appreciation affair on Wednesday for the donors of the Viznitz mosdos attended by the Rebbe.

The simcha pricing for the new hall will follow the same system as Vilchovitz Hall and will be under the same trustworthy and proven management as Vilchovitz. 

Rockland County residents look forward to utilizing this much-needed hall as the community continues to expand along with the need for additional locations to celebrate increased local simchos.

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