Today in History: Warsaw Ghetto Created

Today in History: Warsaw Ghetto Created

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Two important events related to the Warsaw Ghetto took place on the date of October the 2nd. 

The first event was the creation of the ghetto on October 2, 1940. On 2 October 1940, Ludwig Fischer, Governor of the Warsaw District in the occupied General Government of Poland, signed the order to officially create a Jewish district (ghetto) in Warsaw. It was to become the largest ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe.

All Jewish people in Warsaw had to relocate to the area of the ghetto by November 15, 1940, the day the ghetto was sealed. In total, 113,000 gentile Poles were forced to resettle to the 'Aryan side' and were replaced by 138,000 Jews from other districts of the capital.

There would be two uprisings from the ghetto, with the second one being squashed by the Nazis on the very same date of October 2, 1944.

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