The 24-Hour Torah Phenomenon Reaches New Heights

The 24-Hour Torah Phenomenon Reaches New Heights

Torah Around-the-Clock 

It is a well-kept secret in the holy land of Eretz Yisroel, a Torah phenomenon that hearkens back to the greatest Gedolim of previous generations: A network of Kollelim that has as its mission—in addition to the great diligence and mastery of its avreichim—that the sound of Torah should not cease for even one moment, 24 hours, 365 days a week. 

Following shifts that go from 6:00 in the morning until the following morning at 6:00—when the cycle begins anew—the yungeleit are immersed in the study of Torah, with tremendous intensity, across all areas of the revealed, as well as the hidden Torah.    

This incredible project—spearheaded by Rav Avrohom Eisen, Pozna Rov and founder of the legendary Kolel Shas Yiden—has existed for a number of years now, with the yungeleit of the kollelim soaring in their Torah and avodah under its auspices. 

Recently, an exciting new development was announced within the framework of the “Torah-24” project: the formation of a Kinyan Choshen Mishpat which will see avreichim master these complex areas of Torah and emerge as morei hora’ah in Klal Yisroel.  

The Pozna Rov, shlita, expressed great excitement at this development, saying: "The vision for which we laid the cornerstone –with the participation and the guidance of Maran Sar HaTorah, Harav Chaim Kanievsky, zt"l—is becoming a reality before our eyes." In a modest and emotional ceremony, the Kinyan Choshen Mishpat initiative was established. In it, accomplished avreichim and Dayanim will be tested on the entire Choshen Mishpat, from its beginning to its end, through consecutive examinations, both written and oral. 

Meanwhile, at the Kollel Chatzos, an emotional siyum of the Idra was celebrated by the avreichim who spend their nights in the toil of the hidden Torah, led by the esteemed mekubal, Maran Harav Abish Zenwirth, shlita.

Rarely do we hear of an innovative initiative to increase Torah learning on such an unprecedented scale, turning a vision into a tangible reality. Yet, observers in the Torah world note how the incredible vision of the Sar HaTorah—who had guided the development of the Kollel every step of the way—is becoming a reality. 

The “Torah 24” initiative was established when the Sar HaTorah, zt"l, advised the founder of the Shas Yidden Kollel network, lhbch"l, Pozna Rov, shlita, to establish a beis medrash where the Kol Torah would never cease, day and night, every day of the year! 

The Pozna Rov indeed took it upon himself to bring this initiative to reality, founding a beis medrash in Yerushalayim, in a location facing the holy Makom HaMikdash, where the Kollelim have embarked on their journey.

A chain of Kollelim has thus been established, following each other in shifts, engaging in all areas of limmud haTorah, without interruption. Each shift fills the beis medrash with its own Rosh Kollel and a group of avreichim, with an organized and separate system of tests. Their common goal is to fill every hour of the day with the joyous sound of Torah learning. Leading this effort is the esteemed Pozna Rav, shlita, who stands at the forefront of all the Kollelim, guiding the entire process while closely following the progress of the avreichim. He tirelessly attends to every detail with boundless dedication.

Kinyan Choshen Mishpat-Be’er Avrohom  

As noted, a relatively-new project within the “Torah-24” framework is the Kinyan Choshen Mishpat, led by Hagaon Harav Elimelech Schwirtz, shlita. It contains numerous Dayanim and avreichim who are already well-versed in all of Choshen Mishpat. 

In this Kollel, a unique examination program has been established in recent days to increase the dedication to Torah learning, bringing the avreichim in the Kollel to remarkable levels of Torah knowledge that are beyond description. Never before has there been such a large group of Talmidei Chachomim engaging in the study of Choshen Mishpat with such unprecedented effort and dedication.

The new program is named 'Kinyan Choshen Mishpat – Be'er Avraham' after the esteemed Harav Avraham Zvi ben Harav Yisroel Halevi Moskowitz, zt"l, father of the patron of the Kollel, the distinguished Harav Yisroel Halevi Moskowitz, shlita, one of the great philanthropists and Torah supporters in London. 

The Pozna Rav, who is actively involved in developing unique learning programs in consultation with the Rosh Kollel Harav Schwirtz, shlita, established an examination program for this kollel similar to the learning of Gemara Kollelim, with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and bi-annual tests. The program is designed for the accomplished Dayanim and avreichim of the Kollel to be tested on everything they have learned in Choshen Mishpat. All the tests will be conducted by the renowned Dayan, Hagaon Harav Naftali Nussbaum, shlita.

To mark the inauguration of the new examination program 'Kinyan Choshen Mishpat – Be'er Avraham,' the patron of the project, Harav Yisroel Halevi, shlita, came to take part in a special event at the Kollel, to honor the Torah and encourage the brilliant avreichim of the Kollel to dedicate themselves entirely to the toil and effort of Torah learning, to increase Kvod Shamayim, and to establish groups of Dayanim who will issue piskei halachah, with siyatta d'Shmaya, for many years to come.

A New Frontier

Yet another shift in the Kollel is dedicated to the study of Talmud Yerushalmi, under the leadership of Hagaon Harav Avraham Yaakov Rosenbach, shlita, a Rav in Beitar Illit, and a member of the Kollel Shas Yiden in Beitar. Harav Rosenbach presides over the kollel, leading the accomplished avreichim in the study of the Talmud Yerushalmi, and b'siyatta d'Shmaya, the fruit of their toil can already be seen, as evidenced by their deep and erudite chidushei Torah which has already been published. Recently, a unique testing program has been introduced in this Kollel as well, and the avreichim are tested on their learning, receiving generous stipends for each test, in order to honor and appreciate the efforts of these avreichim.

Mastering the Hidden Torah

The fifth shift in the Kollel begins at chatzos. At that time, leading talmidei chachamim of Yerushalayim gather at the beis medrash, filling their nights with the learning of the Toras Hanistar, the hidden Torah. They begin with the recitation of Tikkun Chatzos, mourning the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash, and then delve into the learning of the holy Zohar, the Idra, Etz Chaim and other writings of the Arizal and the Rashash. This kollel is led by the famed mekubal Rav Avrohom Eisenbach. 

In recent days, the avreichim of the Kollel completed the learning of both Idra Raba and Idra Zuta, with the participation of the esteemed mekubal Harav Abish Zenwirth, shlita, who was astounded with the extensive knowledge of the eminent avreichim, and he elaborated on explanations regarding the great tikkunim taking place in the higher realms with all Torah learning, and even more so the learning of those who rise early to recite Tikkun Chatzos, and those who awaken early to begin the day through words of Torah.

24 Hours: Literally

Simultaneously, the Erev Shabbos Kollel has been established, catering to a separate group of talmidei chachamim on Fridays. The Pozna Rov is working on establishing additional Kollelim to complete full time Torah learning throughout all hours of the day on Fridays, both in the winter and the summer, as well as on Shabbosos and Motzei Shabbosos, and even on the Yamim Tovim. This initiative aims to fulfill the guidance of the Sar HaTorah in its fullest sense – that the Kol Torah never ceases in the beis medrash, day or night, throughout the entire year.

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