Taxi Drivers Issued Final Warning Regarding New Ramapo Taxi Law

Taxi Drivers Issued Final Warning Regarding New Ramapo Taxi Law

by M.C. Millman

This afternoon, Ramapo police officers shared information on the new Town of Ramapo Taxi Law to address ongoing violations reported by taxi riders. 

The informative session occurred in the Town Square parking lot. Ramapo Police officers discussed the new law with taxi drivers and informed them that they will be ticketing noncompliant drivers. Officers also made a point of responding to questions from drivers in order to better ensure compliance going forward. 

Additionally, the officers shared a notice with the drivers, which read, "All taxi and livery cars that wish to pick up passengers in the Town of Ramapo must be operated by Ramapo licensed drivers, and the vehicle must be registered and inspected by the Town of Ramapo. 

"This means that cars must have the Ramapo Taxi Sticker. If you have not started this process, you must do so immediately. Our code enforcement and police department will start giving out tickets to any driver and vehicle that does not comply. Consider this a courtesy notification and warning."

Drivers were advised to visit to apply for the Ramapo Taxi sticker if they had not yet done so. 

The Ramapo Police Department will be cracking down on noncompliant taxi and livery drivers at the start of the new year. 

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