Taam Eden Bakery Honored With Empire Award From Senator Weber

Taam Eden Bakery Honored With Empire Award From Senator Weber

By M. C. Millman

Senator Bill Weber presented Taam Eden Bakery with an Empire Award this afternoon.

Taam Eden Bakery's Empire Award was given in recognition of the bakery's community-minded business sense and for serving as an important asset to the Rockland community and beyond, enabling economic development, and providing great service over many years.

"The Empire Award is the highest honor a State Senator can bestow on a local business," Senator Bill Weber shares with Rockland Daily. "Taam Eden Bakery stands out in New York's 38th District for having boosted the county economically by offering both employment and fair pricing for delicious goods for decades."

"The Empire Award has gone to so many impressive businesses," Taam Eden owner Avrumi Sigler, tells Rockland Daily, "and we are honored to be included as recipients as well for doing what we do best, baking quality goods for our customers for twenty-four years. We want to thank the senator for recognizing the small businesses, the heart and soul of our community, by recognizing what we do through the Empire Award."  

Village of New Square Mayor Izzy Spitzer was in attendance for the award which was presented at Taam Eden Bakery on Jefferson Avenue in New Square.

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