State Legislators Push for Seven-Month Suspension of NY Gas Tax

State Legislators Push for Seven-Month Suspension of NY Gas Tax

By Yehudit Garmaise

New Yorkers will save 48 cents per gallon of gas: from May 1 to Dec. 31, if Gov. Kathy Hochul approves the state legislature’s proposal to suspend the state’s gas tax in her budget, which is due April 1.

Both Democratic and Republic legislators support the gas tax suspension, however, Gov. Hochul has expressed skepticism about the plan, as she pointed out that the same legislators who call for a suspension of the gas tax also are calling for more money for infrastructure repairs: funds for which are provided by the state’s gas tax.

"We understand that this is one area at which we should be looking, and we are looking at it," she said Tuesday evening. "But I also know that many of our funds are for roads, highways, bridges, and mass transit systems and the people who are calling for the end of the gas tax are also calling for more money for roads and bridges.

“These are the conversations we need to have."

Democratic lawmakers, such as state Sen. John Mannion of central New York, dismissed Gov. Hochul’s concern about the realities of budgeting when he said that the gas tax can be suspended without impacting the state's bridge and highway fund. 

"We're going to land in a good place that not only helps the consumer but keeps our roads and bridges intact," Mannion said. "The price of gasoline is really having an impact on small businesses, it's having an impact on commuters, it's having an impact on farmers.

“So this will provide some relief." 

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