Spring Hill Ambulance Welcomes the Community to Open House With Leil Shishi Tonight

Spring Hill Ambulance Welcomes the Community to Open House With Leil Shishi Tonight

Rockland Daily Staff

Spring Hill Community Ambulance Corps, Rockland County‘s largest 911 system, is hosting an open house tonight, November 30. The event will highlight the growing services provided by the agency and is open to all community members interested in learning more about the corps and the services they provide. The event will also provide an informal opportunity for prospective volunteers to meet-and-greet emergency service members over some food and learn what it’s like to volunteer at the agency. 

“ In addition to giving back to the community, volunteering within EMS gives so much back to the volunteer.” Eli Ungar, Chief of Spring Hill EMS, said of the event. “We look forward to interacting with community members and encourage them to come see what it’s like to join our family. 

A key recruitment focus will emphasize the corp’s new Special Operations Division and the upcoming launch of its ALS paramedic program. 

"Initially, when I first turned Springhill, I thought I was doing it to give back," a longtime Spring Hill Volunteer shares exclusively with Rockland Daily, "and to do more for the community. And ten years later, I look back, and I think they’ve done more for me than I’ve done for them in the sense of camaraderie that they provide, the learning environment, the encouragement, the people that I’ve met, the amazing attitude that I see in everyone who volunteers there. It has just inspired me in so many ways."

The Spring Hill Special Operation unit has already responded to multiple emergencies over the past few weeks and provides critical advanced capabilities to the county's emergency services.

Food will be provided by Leil Shishi, and the event will run from 8-11 PM. The agency and its emergency services partners look forward to greeting you tonight at Spring Hill Ambulance headquarters, 48 Brick Church Road, New Hempstead.

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