Snapshot: How ‘Kosher Desk’ Provides a Desk-Away-From-Home for Rockland Residents

Snapshot: How ‘Kosher Desk’ Provides a Desk-Away-From-Home for Rockland Residents

Yitzy Fried 

Hershy Loker spent the first decade of his IT career making his way to homes and businesses, troubleshooting and assisting people with their technology needs.

“Things often go wrong, or a connection is lost,” he says, “and the clients need to call me in to fix the problems.” 

Which got Hershy thinking, “What if I could create a space where everyone could come use my computers–maintained by me on a constant basis–for as long or as short as they need?”

So he launched the Kosher Desk computer kiosk, “a place where many different people at a time can have their individualized computer and printer set up and waiting for them.” 

With our growing dependence on computers, computer kiosks for those who would like to keep their homes technology free have become extremely popular. But Hershy says that Kosher Desk is really for everyone. 

“I have one client who spends his days on the road, working as a delivery and logistics driver. But he comes in on a regular basis, for an hour or two at a time, to handle his invoicing and other related work to make his business run smoothly,” he says. “This client was amazed by how much easier his life became by using our system.” 

“It is simply not worth it to maintain an office with a computer–and all that overhead– if you can have a space where you can come in and out at your convenience.” 

Kosher Desk boasts large windows at its Union Road location, where it is situated alongside other businesses in the center of Spring Valley. It is all about the atmosphere, the comfortable environment, which Hershy says he works hard to foster.  

Loker brings his IT background to another aspect of the business, as he constantly seeks to introduce new features to set his establishment apart: the security of customer information while enabling customers to save information from use to use.

“We have introduced a unique feature where by purchasing a plan–customers get their own desktop, which saves their documents and downloads, passwords and other information, while no one else has the ability to access it,” Hershy says. “They simply need to log in, and all their information is there from the last time they saved it–and this goes for any computer in my network.” 

Hershy wants to introduce private rooms where people can have Zoom meetings and rooms that can host two people to meet and collaborate on projects, and he never tires of introducing new features. 

“ Whether it’s dual screens for more convenient work or tablets for people to be able to remote deposit their checks, Kosher Desk is an amazing place to be… people love coming here,” Hershy says, “and that’s what makes me happy.”

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