Senator Bill Weber and Assemblyman Ari Brown Introduce "Combating Campus Antisemitism Act"

Senator Bill Weber and Assemblyman Ari Brown Introduce "Combating Campus Antisemitism Act"

As a result of the now almost daily occurrences of blatant antisemitism seen on New York’s college campuses, Senator Bill Weber and Assemblyman Ari Brown have sponsored the Combating Campus Antisemitism Act - Senate Bill S7752.

“Seeing antisemitism not just openly embraced, but celebrated, since the October 7th attack has been shocking," says Senator Bill Weber. "There is something deeply wrong and deeply sick when those who are supposed to be among the most educated in our country have internalized lies and hatred.” 

The proposed act seeks to prohibit New York college students knowingly engaging in Antisemitism from receiving New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards.

The Taxpayer-funded TAP awards are designed to support New York residents attending approved schools within the state. These awards, which can amount to up to $5,665 annually and are non-repayable, will be withheld from students found to be engaged in Antisemitic activities.

“The NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) was designed to help hardworking students achieve their dreams of a college education," says Assemblyman Ari Brown. "Students who glorify terrorist attacks against our Jewish brethren and or promote the evil ideologies of Nazism and antisemitism should not receive a single cent of taxpayer money. Continuing one's education is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. It is not a right, and it will not be subsidized for those who celebrate violence and prejudice.” 

According to the ADL, since October 7, 2023, there has been a nearly 400 percent rise in Antisemitic incidents across the United States: “This has been felt intensely on U.S. college campuses where Jewish students have borne the brunt of antisemitic incidents, including violent assaults, intimidation, and harassment by fellow students.”

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