Sanz-Klausenberger Community Celebrates Closing on Parking Lot Property

Sanz-Klausenberger Community Celebrates Closing on Parking Lot Property

BY: Yitzy Fried

The Sanz-Klausenberg Kehilla in Monsey, one of the oldest in the heimishe community in Rockland, is now completing a $6,000,000 project of their beautiful Beis Medrash in the center of Monsey.

Incredibly, the kehillah is now celebrating the closing of a large property directly opposite the shul, at 65 Main Street–at the cost of $2,000,000 which will serve as a parking lot for those coming to learn and daven in the shul.

The askonim—who are also involved in a number of massive, multi-million-dollar construction projects for the chassidus throughout Monsey—see in this acquisition a tremendous siyatta diShmaya–that out of only 200 lots for sale in the entire Rockland County, the perfect property for their needs–with Tessler Team Realty serving as the able conduits in this transaction.

The area, right off a very busy intersection, has very little parking availability. This lot, which stands at about 20,000 sq. feet, will hold about 100 parking spaces, enabling the Torah and tefillah to reverberate ever stronger in the center of Monsey.

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