Rockland Writes: Readers' Comments Make Rockland Daily's Second Anniversary a True Celebration

Rockland Writes: Readers' Comments Make Rockland Daily's Second Anniversary a True Celebration

by M.C. Millman - Rockland Daily Editor

Now that the dust and glitter of our second-anniversary celebration have had a chance to settle, we want to share - it's our readers who made the celebration incredibly worthwhile.

As your voice - it pays for us to pause, stop, and listen to hear what matters most to the thousands of readers who regularly peruse Rockland Daily on multiple platforms. 

For those who took the time to fill in our survey and share the articles and features that matter most and for those who shared comments and suggestions, we want to say - "We hear you, we're here for you - and we are going to continue to rock Rockland with the quality journalistic output you love to read every single day!"

As our readers focus on our words day in and day out, we figure now it's your turn to be the focus of today's news.

The following is just a glimpse of the tremendous number of comments taken from our Anniversary Survey.

  • Best news platform Monsey has.
  • I can't think of anything that you guys can do better; Rockland Daily is a great Monsey platform. 
  • I appreciate that you're sticking to a higher level and staying classy with dignity, unlike those who like to stir controversy and post stuff inappropriate to an adult-level reader base.
  • Thank you for text messaging exclusively kosher news.
  • I enjoy reading about local news that is relevant to our community and unavailable on other news sites.
  • Keep up the good work. Such a great status for local news.
  • Articles are beautiful every time,  mostly because your articles are not copied from other platforms. Keep up your good work! 
  • Rockland Daily is a great local asset to Rockland, and the reporters are so friendly and helpful. Much continued Hatzlocha!
  • Keep doing what you're doing… Rockland Daily is my go-to for great and informative content.
  • Keep doing what you do. There is a reason why people choose Rockland Daily over other news outlets. 
  • If I see traffic, I check Rockland Daily to see if anything is going on, so thank you!
  • Keep up the amazing and timely reporting.
  • I look forward to your emails daily and to the texts.
  • Don't have much to add; you are pretty much doing everything right.
  • I enjoy the straightforward news.
  • It's a great platform. 
  • Your content is interesting, inspiring, and well-written.
  • I loved being the winner of the Maple Farm baby goat contest. Maybe do more contests with winning prizes.  
  • Keep it as it is. A little of everything.Doing a good job staying focused!
  • Best of best! 
  • We love following Rockland Daily. 

And we love having you follow us!

Thanks for reading Rockland Daily.

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