Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Comments on Sidewalk Situation

Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Comments on Sidewalk Situation


As a nurse and new nurse practitioner, I alway advocate for my patients. As a mother, I am advocating for my kids. We live on Overhill  Road in Monsey and definitely need sidewalks for our kids ASAP. I have been asking for years and paying my taxes, so not sure why nothing has happened yet. Please help keep our kids safe!

Thank you!


Yehudis T. - Monsey

Dear Yehudis, 

Thank you for your request about sidewalks.

The Town of Ramapo is committed to adding sidewalks throughout the unincorporated Town for the safety of our residents. We are about to start work installing sidewalks on the northern part of Route 306, having just removed trees that were in the right of way. 

In January, we approved a historic 18 million dollar bond to finance sidewalks and street improvements. Last month we authorized sidewalk construction on Elaine and Francis Place. Our engineers are working on plans for Carlton Road, and we are actively studying additional locations. Unfortunately, this is a lengthy, complicated, and costly process that involves identifying priority streets, engineering the plans and specifications, including dealing with drainage and utility poles, resolving issues of property ownership and sometimes going to court to obtain required property, and requesting bids under NYS law from contractors to do the work. 

As our engineers continue to survey our existing sidewalks and make recommendations for future expansion, I will make sure that they include a review of Overhill Road in their evaluation.

Michael Specht, Town of Ramapo Supervisor

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