Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Comments on Question About Poorly Mantained Local Parks

Rockland Responds: Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht Comments on Question About Poorly Mantained Local Parks


Manny Weldler Park is a beautiful park that is well maintained and constantly gets upgraded and more stuff added. 

Why is that the only park in Ramapo that gets such special service? 

Eugene Levy Park, which is in my area, and I take my kids there often, is the nastiest park I've ever seen. When it rains, the park can't be used for days after as it gets super muddy and is full of huge puddles. 

The flies and mosquitoes are intolerable in that park as well. The parking lot isn't marked or taken care of properly. There are no bathrooms. No benches to sit on. No shade from the sun. I can go on and on.

Sometimes I travel to New Jersey or Manhattan just to spend some time in a nice park with my kids when really I should have one in my neighborhood, paid for with my own taxes (which are definitely far more than any of the other cities who have nicer parks).

Rockland County is supposed to be the County with beautiful outdoors, trees, and grass, and a place where people want to spend their time outside, yet Brooklyn and Manhattan, which are 'indoor cities,' have the most stunning parks.

Something should be done about this. 

Thank you, 

A Resident of Northeast Ramapo

Dear Resident, 

Thank you for your letter and for bringing up this important concern.

Our Town parks have won awards, and our Parks Department has been recognized as one of the best in our State. 

It is always frustrating when public amenities do not meet our individual expectations.

Manny Weldler Park is indeed a wonderful park, and it is in the heart of our vibrant community. It is great to hear that you feel it is being well-maintained and constantly upgraded. 

As for Eugene Levy Park, I hear your frustration, and I agree that every park should be maintained to the highest standard possible so that all residents can enjoy them. 

We are currently undergoing a review of all of our parks, and we intend to ensure that they are all upgraded and expanded where appropriate. For example, we are about to open a brand new playground at Sandy Brook Park, which was designed with the participation of local residents.

Your voice and concerns are important. We are working towards ensuring that all of our public spaces are well maintained and accessible to all. 

Thank you for your question and your concern for our community.

Michael Specht, Town of Ramapo Supervisor

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