Rockland Responds: Captain Dan Hyman Responds to Question Regarding Debris on Roadway

Rockland Responds: Captain Dan Hyman Responds to Question Regarding Debris on Roadway

Unfortunately, there have been a number of vehicular accidents in our neighborhood recently. My question is – who is responsible for cleaning up the shards of glass left behind? Although it seems to have been swept to the said in many instances, it still remains on the roadway and scatters on sidewalks. 

I am sure this is not good for cars, bikes, pedestrians, and pets. Is there a hotline to call to get the glass cleaned up? 

Thank you, 


Dear Local, 

Generally, after a motor vehicle crash that results in some degree of debris on the road, tow trucks respond to remove the vehicles. The tow truck operator is required to sweep up the debris left on the roadway. Tow trucks licensed in accordance with Rockland County Code, Chapter 394, requires that at all times, every registered tow truck must carry a street broom and shovel for this purpose.


Last week, I responded to a crash on Viola Road near Suffern High School. A Jeep was struck by a large truck breaking the tail lamp. In this case, there was no tow truck involved and the Jeep owner, being responsible, cleaned up the roadway from the debris left by his vehicle.


Sometimes, some crashes may not even have been reported to the police and may have resulted in debris on the roadway. Various entities maintain roads. For example, private streets may be maintained by a homeowners association, whereas state highways such as the NYS Thruway and Route 59, for example, are maintained by the State DOT. Locally, we also have streets that include county and Town roads maintained by their respective highway departments.


Hopefully, the above provided some clarification to the question.


Captain Dan Hyman

Ramapo Police Department

To have your question sent to a local elected official, email [email protected].

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