Rockland Hatzolah Volunteers Gift Senior Member with Brand new car Following Accident

BY: Yitzy Fried 

It is an undeniable phenomenon that generous, overflowing hearts of chessed tend to always be on the lookout for even more ways to give, and so, the events at Hatzolah of Rockland come as no surprise. 

Reb Nesanel Sommers is a hero in the Monsey community, and to hundreds of Rockland Hatzolah members... having dedicated forty years of his life to the organization, and to a variety of chessed endeavors in the Monsey community. 

A few weeks ago, he was involved in an accident with another vehicle—from which he emerged unscathed, b’chadei Hashem, which is more than could be said for his Toyota Camry. It was totaled. The “vehicle” for so much lifesaving chessed was gone, and Reb Nesanel could not continue his heroic work. 

But then, his fellow members got together and launched a campaign to purchase a new vehicle—fully outfitted with lights and sirens. They were unprepared for the overflow of love and generosity from the community... 

Within a short time, they posted the following to the campaign page: “WOW!! What amazing Support!! We have increased the goal to include a better car and have light and sirens installed!! Thank You!

“For over 40 Years He has been there for our community. Let’s help him keep going!! R Nesanel was involved in A MVA, BH he’s ok!! But as you can see he needs a new set of wheels to help him go from saving lives to checking the Eruv!! We decided to jump in!!” 

In total, the campaign raised $19,850, donated by 195 people, and on Sunday evening, the members celebrated their shared bond of boundless giving, as they danced around the unveiled the shiny new wheels, which are by now rolling to their next holy mission.

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