Rockland County Sends out Boxes of Humanitarian Supplies to Millions of Ukrainians on the Run from War

Rockland County Sends out Boxes of Humanitarian Supplies to Millions of Ukrainians on the Run from War

By Sarah Morgenstern

In response to the most devastating war in Europe since World War II, the non-profit foundation Afya, based in Yonkers, shipped out on Thursday: boxes of humanitarian supplies, such as toiletries, all donated by residents of Rockland County to provide for the more than four million Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their country, where Russia began to murder thousands on Feb. 24. 

Among the many items Rockland County residents donated to patients in Ukrainian hospitals and Ukrainian refugees in Poland were: first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, personal hygiene kits, bar soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, razors, baby diapers, facemasks, and hand sanitizer.

All of these items are desperately needed by Ukrainians, who were abruptly forced to flee: often with only the clothes and coats on their backs and what they could hurriedly pack into small suitcases, Rockland County Legislators Alden Wolfe and Aney Paul said.

“The refugees need supplies, and we offer our sincerest gratitude to everyone who contributed to this relief effort,” said Wolfe, who along with Paul, partnered with Afya in its efforts to provide for Ukrainians in desperate need. “This is our small, but meaningful way to aid everyday people just like us.” 

“I also thank everyone who contributed to this drive,” Legislator Paul said. “We put the call out, and you gave so much.”

Inside one of the donation boxes, Wolfe reported finding a card that was colored blue and yellow: the colors of Ukraine’s flag, and that, in a child’s handwriting, read, “Praying for Peace.”

Inside the card, the legislators saw a blue heart with the word, “Love” written inside of it in yellow, with a drawing of the Ukraine flag. 

The legislators put the card signed, “Sincerely, Caroline and Connor,” back inside the box, before they sealed it, as they finished packing up the donations for transport today.

“Thank you Rockland County,” Legislator Paul said. “As we continue to watch the devastating news reports, we know that even if a ceasefire is put in place, it will take years to clear Ukraine of mines, to rebuild water and natural gas lines, hospitals, schools, homes and businesses. Putin has left no stone of destruction unturned. 

“The people of Ukraine will need help for a long while.” 

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