Rockland County's Armoni Inn and Suites Hotel Forced to Close After Its Efforts to Take in 340 Illegals on NYC's Dime

Rockland County's  Armoni Inn and Suites Hotel Forced to Close After Its Efforts to Take in 340 Illegals on NYC's Dime

M.C. Millman

A closure notice from the Rockland Health Department is plastered on the front door of Rockland County's  Armoni Inn and Suites Hotel, where  New York City Mayor Adams attempted to unload 340 illegal alien men from under his own watch.

The forced closure is due to the discovery of the expiration of the hotel's permit on April 30. 

Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann says that the Town is now reviewing its building and zoning code. A public hearing is scheduled for June 6, but a new permit will only be issued to the hotel if copies of records about the proposed shelter for migrants or asylum seekers is produced. In the meantime, it is expected that the Town is likely to adjust its rules regarding hotels and motels. 

"We already have some prohibitions in place that we think would prevent New York City from what it's trying to do in Orangeburg,"  Hoehmann said, according to News 12. But we're tightening that up."

Given that Adams is busily shipping away migrants wherever and however he can, the fact that many Towns in Rockland have limits for how long a person can stay in a hotel or motel will help keep Adams from sending his illegals there to utilize the space for months on end. Stony Point's current code restricts stays to 10 days. The Town of Haverstraw's limit is 28 days, while the Town of Ramapo has no hotels or motels to regulate as all are located within separate Villages.

In the meantime, two hotels in Sullivan County and others in Dutchess have been forced to receive migrants bused from New York City as Mayor Eric Adams busily continues to relocate migrants, while vocally protesting the same treatment he is getting from Texas's Governor Greg Abbott, who is shuttling migrants to NYC's doorstep. The only rather telling difference is - that NYC is a Sanctuary City, and these other locations, including Rockland County, are not. 

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