Rockland County Legislature Swears in New Legislator to Fill McGowan's Vacancy

Rockland County Legislature Swears in New Legislator to Fill McGowan's Vacancy

by M.C. Millman

The Rockland County Legislature appointed Joel Friedman, a Village of Chestnut Ridge resident, to fill the vacancy left in Rockland County's Legislative District 14, formerly held by recently elected Assemblyman John  McGowan.

Legislator Fredman was officially sworn in tonight after a vote of nine in favor and five against the motion. He will hold the position until the next elections in November, after which he will be able to run for the new Chestnut Ridge seat.

"It's an honor of a lifetime to have been appointed to represent the residents of District 15 in the County Legislature," Legislator Joel Friedman shares exclusively with Rockland Daily. "I commit to represent all constituents of my district and to assure that government works for the people, to keep Rockland County a great place to live, raise our families, prosper and flourish in all aspects. Looking forward to listening, learning, and working with all the communities of my district and the entire County in the years to come."

"It's a true honor to have attended the appointment of my friend and colleague, Yoely Friedman as a Rockland County Legislator," Chaim Rose, Village of Chestnut Ridge Trustee, states. "Chestnut Ridge will be well served with him representing our village in the Legislature. Yoely is a public servant par excellence, and I'm confident that he will make a Kiddush Hashem and exceed expectations on behalf of all Village residents. He has our full blessing and support."

"I am very pleased to welcome Legislator Friedman into the legislator," Legislator Aron Wieder shared with Rockland Daily. "I am sure we will be able to accomplish great things together, and I look forward to working together with him for the betterment of all of Rockland County."

"I would like to wish congratulations and a Mazal Tov to Yoely Friedman upon his appointment to the Rockland County Legislature," says Shmuli Fromovitz, Village of Chestnut Ridge Trustee. "Yoely has been involved in communal affairs for many years, and he will be" H serve as a terrific advocate on behalf of the Village of Chestnut Ridge. We wish him much success and syata d'shmaya in his new position."

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