Rockland County Legislature Ready For Budget Review

Rockland County Legislature Ready For Budget Review

Rockland Daily Staff

Rockland County Executive Ed Day released his proposed 2023 County Budget today. 

It includes no program cuts or employee layoffs and a zero percent property tax increase. Rockland County Legislators will meet to review the budget on Wednesday, October 12. A public hearing will follow on Tuesday, November 15. 

 "What's most important," Rockland County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr. says, "is that we end up with a budget that is as efficient as possible while maintaining the services residents and businesses rely on." 

"I'm hoping this will continue a flow of tax cuts that has become possible after years of hard work on the budget and righting the county's fiscal ship," Legislator Michael Grant says.

In his budget announcement, Day said he will propose a new position within the Sheriff's Office to help coordinate a new school safety program aimed at curbing the number of drivers passing stopped school buses. 

The law was initially sponsored by County Legislator Aron Wieder, which allowed a new enforcement effort in May. It was adopted unanimously in June. 

"This effort will not only get people to stop for school buses, but it may also actually end up saving lives," Legislator Wieder says. "School buses carry our most precious gift – our children – and cracking down on those who ignore the rules and jeopardize our children's lives is not just right but necessary. I appreciate the inclusion of this effort in an overall safety program." 

The County Executive also announced that the County would buy six additional parcels totaling 37 acres to be set aside through the open space program. 

"My hope and expectation," says Legislator Wieder, who serves as chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee, "is that we'll move forward in a bipartisan manner and that we'll continue to be in conversation with the County Executive's office throughout the process."


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