Refuah Health Center Will Present Important Health Lectures Via Teleconference

Refuah Health Center Will Present Important Health Lectures Via Teleconference

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Renowned for its variety of health services to the Rockland community, through its esteemed staff of physicians and specialists, Refuah Health Center is set to present a wealth of information to the community through a teleconference this motzei Shabbos, nittel nacht, which will inform and inspire the public towards a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to healthcare, many diseases are extremely difficult to treat once they have been contracted, R”l, but are easier to prevent when taking the right steps and armed with the right information.

The teleconference will feature some of RefuahHealth Center’s prominent doctors and will be moderated by the legendary R’ Yitzchok Shloime Drezdner of Kol Mevaser fame. They will speak on the topic of preventative medicine, and leading a healthier lifestyle, thus avoiding the heartache that comes with preventable diseases.

An address will be heard from Dr. Kornbluth, a world-renowned Crohn’sand Colitis specialist who is also a clinical professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital for 25+ years. He will introduce the medical breakthrough known as “lifestyle medicine,” which guides a person toward leading a healthier lifestyle that can treat and prevent diseases and chronic health conditions. 

Dr. Steven Naymagon, an Internist and gastroenterologist at Refuah as well as assistant clinical professor at Mt. Sinai, will speak about healthy lifestyle habits, and how these habits affect our long-term health. Developing these lifestyle habits now can pay dividends for many years to come, into middle and advanced age.  

Longtime paramedic R’ Yaakov Yosef Unger will finish off the program with a question-and-answer format, addressing questions of health for adults and children.

The teleconference will begin at 9:00 on Motzei Shabbos.  

Call in at 605.-313-4071, and change your lifestyle for the better, for now, and into a healthy old age.

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