Readers Write: Response to Rockland Response Regarding School Taxes

Readers Write: Response to Rockland Response Regarding School Taxes

My question is regarding the Thursday, December 29 response from Shimmy Rose regarding taxes.

First, I greatly appreciate his time and effort.

Second, he responded by saying we have 10,000 public school children and lots of children getting bused, and that's why our taxes are so high.

The issue is we have over 35,000 non-public school children in our district. If those kids were to join our public schools tomorrow and use the same amount of resources per child as the current student base, the tax levy would have to, at the very least, triple. 

As of now, a small 1,500 single-family home in Monsey is paying close to $8,000 a year in school taxes. This means that they would have to pay $24,000 a year for a single-family home in JUST school taxes! That would be the most expensive taxes in the USA. And by a lot - especially if you go by the median income.

It is outrageous. And not fiscally responsible for continuing the budget this way. Especially since public school parents claim they are being mistreated by only allowing for "so few" services.

Here's my idea:

It is time to create two separate school districts, one for Monsey, which is 90%+ non-public school, and another for Spring Valley and the rest, which is maybe 50% or more public school. Let them pay their own taxes. Why should ALL of Monsey and the Village of Kaser, which have almost zero public school kids, be paying for other towns' children to be educated? Especially when they complain we are cheating them. Let's both go our own ways.

Thank you so much,

Shua Friedmann


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