Ramapo Police Dept. Launches “No Empty Chair” Campaign

Ramapo Police Dept. Launches “No Empty Chair” Campaign

Yitzy Fried 

This week is designated as the “no empty chair” week in the Ramapo Police Department as they seek to ensure that there are no empty chairs in homes due to people being killed by reckless drivers. 

Each day this week will have a different focus by the police officers. Monday, April 15, saw a crackdown on those speeding in schools zones. April 16 will focus on seat and child restraints. On April 17, the officers will be looking for those texting and using phone while driving. April 18 is operation safe stop, and April 19 will be a focus on underage drinking and impaired driving. 

As part of the operation, Ramapo Police officers will go into the classrooms to educate teenagers who are about to get their licenses on the importance of safe driving.

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