Overwhelming Community Appreciation Demonstrated at Dinner Honoring New Square Emergency Service Volunteers

Overwhelming Community Appreciation Demonstrated at Dinner Honoring New Square Emergency Service Volunteers

by M.C. Millman

In the midst of the 49th annual National EMS Week celebrating EMS practitioners and their vital work, New Square Emergency Services held its annual dinner honoring the organization's volunteers and their dedication to saving lives. 

Mayor Izzy Spitzer welcomed attendees. Sheriff Louis Falco spoke, as did Town of Ramapo Police Department Chief Martin Reilly. The Chief reminisced about the display of support he experienced when the community was there for him when he had twins. 

Twenty-six years later, he shared, "My daughter still has that blanket on her bed to this day. That's what is so important about relationships. It's not only relationships that are personal, but it's the relationship of our community. It's the police, fire, ambulance, the sheriff's department, the state police. We all work together. What do we work together for? The community! New Square Emergency Services works with all these organizations to build a better community."

Rafi Silberberg presented certificates for the honorees as a representative of Congressman Mike Lawler, who delivered a virtual message. 

"I wanted to extend my appreciation to the dedicated New Square Emergency Services volunteers," Congressman Lawler addressed attendees via the pre-recorded video, "for the important life-saving work you do in our community. One out of every two households in the 17th District has a first responder, a firefighter, a cop, or a veteran living in it. We truly do have a community of heroes, and it is my honor to represent all of you."

Certificates from the Congressman were awarded to those who took the most calls in 2022, as well as a  senior volunteer member who has served for twelve years as an active volunteer and coordinators and dispatchers.

The evening concluded with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for two new emergency vehicles joining the Ershte Hilf of New Square's fleet.  

One of the new vehicles fulfilled Mayor Izzy Spitzer's pledge to deliver a new truck to the Village by the following year. The funding for the emergency vehicle came from then-Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick. 

The second new vehicle will be utilized to continue the strong working relationship between Refuah Health Center and New Square Emergency Services for transporting mothers-to-be to Mount Sinai Hospital for non-emergency cases. 

"I was honored to attend the New Square Emergency Services members appreciation dinner," Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht shares with Rockland Daily,  "my sixth time as Supervisor. Hearing about the dedicated work by the volunteers makes me proud of the residents of our Town who go above and beyond to help everyone. I was especially honored to participate in the ribbon cutting for the two new vehicles, which will be put to great use as NSES fulfills its mission of protecting life and safety."

Also in attendance for the occasion was Town of Ramapo Chief of Staff Mona Montal; Refuah Health Center representatives; Hillcrest Fire  Chief Peter Gessner; Daniel Grossberg, O&R's emergency response team supervisor; Town of Ramapo police captains, as well as the chief of the Sheriff's Department. 

"It was an honor for our volunteers to have the privilege of having all these officials and community members there showing their appreciation," Zevy Spitzer, New Square Emergency Services Coordinator shares with Rockland Daily.  

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