Official Update from Today's Press Conference Regarding Rockland Individual Found to Have Polio

by M. C. Millman

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert briefed the media and public earlier today about the confirmed polio case in Rockland County

Day began the press conference by stressing that the unvaccinated young adult found to have polio in Rockland is no longer contagious after his symptoms started about a month ago. Efforts of the Heath Department have turned to stressing vaccinations while assessing the risk to the community.

County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert stated that the Department of Health is assessing the individual's family to assess their risk and the risk to the community while working closely with the CDC,  NYS, and the DOH.

The plans for the polio vaccination clinic were put together over the last 36 hours, according to Ed Day.

"We've been through this before," Day says. "We've been successful before, and we'll be successful again. What you need to do is get the vaccination!"

The Rockland County Health Department has been able to add 300 active doses to their stock for the upcoming clinics, although Ruppert stressed that the doses are not for the general public.

"We are looking for those who haven't been immunized or completed their series," the Heath Commissioner stated.

She then reassured the public that the vaccines the health department would be administering are inactive. As they are not live, there is no risk of transmission to anyone from the vaccine.

Day suggested that questions about COVID vaccines are spilling over into regular vaccines. He assured Rocklanders that the Rockland County Health Department is already reaching out to families and schools to encourage timely vaccinations, given the considerable jump in unvaccinated children reported by various organizations worldwide – a direct result of COVID.

"Do the right thing and get your child vaccinated!" Day stressed.

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