NYS Jewish Gun Club Holds Active Shooter Response Seminar

NYS Jewish Gun Club Holds Active Shooter Response Seminar

By M. C. Millman

Rockland County's NYS Jewish Gun Club held an Active Shooter Response Seminar on Thursday night, June 30.

The organization, created to unify Jewish gun owners by guiding, training, and advocating for gun owners, consults with shuls, schools, and other organizations to improve their security.

The Gun Club also organizes training sessions for individuals and organizations like last night's event, which included practical guidance from Rabbi Raziel Cohen, the Tactical Rabbi, on what to do if, chas v'sholom, one finds oneself in an active shooter situation.

During the two-hour seminar, attendees learned how to react to survive.

"People often think that the majority of our focus is on firearms when in fact it's quite the opposite," says Cohen. "This seminar is dedicated to structuring a security plan to avoid ever getting into these situations to begin with. Our main focus should always be about preventative measures."

The seminar is one of many events provided by the NYS Jewish Gun Club.

The Club, like other second amendment advocacy groups, has offered shooting range events and target and tactical training both locally and with nationally recognized training academies.

Events also promote gun safety and training for those who bear arms to become comfortable with their guns and knowledgeable in best practices. 

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