NYS Jewish Gun Club Encourages Concealed Carry Weapon Welcome Sign for Rockland Businesses

NYS Jewish Gun Club Encourages Concealed Carry Weapon Welcome Sign for Rockland Businesses

By M. C. Millman

After Governor Hochul’s announcement banning guns in shuls and other soft targets that is due to become law as of September 1, Second Amendment activists are fighting back. 

The bill, signed on Friday by Gov. Hochul, is in response to the US Supreme Court last week expanding gun rights, allowing Americans the right to carry firearms in public for self-defense. The bill also institutes a default no concealed carry on private property and businesses unless deemed permissible by property owners. 

This is where Tzvi Waldman, founder of NYS Jewish Gun Club, comes in. He is distributing letters to businesses and customers explaining how the new law can be detrimental to businesses and the community. He encourages businesses to post a sign stating Concealed Carry Weapons Welcome Here to protect the location and announce that the location is armed and not a soft target. Without this sign, legally armed citizens will not be allowed to enter private businesses. This, in turn, will attract bad actors to a target where they know they will find least resistance.

“We’re doing this to get ahead of the curve,” Tzvi Waldman told Rockland Daily. “Even though there’s a very big chance the law is going to be overthrown, it will have to go through the courts first. In the meantime, the law passed, so we need to create awareness that it will go into effect. If enough people post the sign allowing for concealed carry weapons, then more people will become aware of this potentially dangerous law.” 

Some residents are not pleased with the idea. 

“I don’t want to encourage more people to conceal carry,” says one concerned Rockland resident. “Fewer guns seems a safer way to go to me.”

Just because a business posts a sign allowing concealed carry weapons on-premises does not allow anyone to walk in with a concealed weapon. Individuals are still required to have a concealed carry license even with the signs posted. But if someone with a license to conceal carry were to walk into a business that does not have a sign permitting conceal carry, that individual would be charged with a Class E felony. 

“A lot of our community members spend time and resources to train,” says Waldman, “and they prepare themselves to stop people with bad intentions. To charge someone ready to protect others with a Class E felony is ridiculous.”

The NYS Jewish Gun Club is working on acquiring improved, more permanent signage, which they hope to mail to numerous stores within Rockland County. In the meantime, businesses that are interested in acquiring the signage can email [email protected], and customers who want to see the signs posted can encourage retail stores to do so.

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