Ninty-Five Immigrants Welcomed as New Citizens in Rockland County

Ninty-Five Immigrants Welcomed as New Citizens in Rockland County

by M. C. Millman

Rockland County welcomed ninety-five new citizens during a naturalization ceremony on Friday, June 2. 

"It was amazing seeing such a diverse group of people putting in the work to be become citizens of this great country, with its freedoms and liberties," Rockland County Legislator Joel Friedman says.  "As a second and third-generation immigrant myself, I understand it firsthand, and I congratulate each and every one of those who took it upon themselves to join this great country."

The ceremony took place at the Rockland County Fire Training Center in Pomona and was presided over by Thomas Zugibe, Justice of the Supreme Court.

"It was extremely humbling to join my fellow elected officials in welcoming ninty-five new U.S. citizens from 26 countries to Rockland County," Chestnut Ridge Deputy Mayor Chaim Rose tells Rockland Daily. "America is a beacon of freedom, and the liberties we have in this country can not be taken for granted. 

As a third-generation American myself, it's truly heartwarming to see the toil it takes to go through the naturalization process and to see it through to fruition. It was a special event indeed, and I extend warm congratulations to all."

"For me, the ceremony brought a mix of emotions and excitement," Village of Spring Valley Trustee Sruly Eisenbach shares with Rockland Daily. "As a son of an immigrant, I was overwhelmed with thoughts the entire time of the experience my mother went through to become a U.S. citizen. At the same time, it was thrilling to see how welcoming we are as a country and how we accepted immigrants from 26  countries with open arms."

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