New York State Holds 9th Judicial District Induction Ceremony

New York State Holds 9th Judicial District Induction Ceremony

Three Rockland judges were sworn in this afternoon at the Rockland County Courthouse Central Jury Room in New City as was the new Rockland County Commissioner of Jurors.

"Today was an especially exciting experience for the Village of Spring Valley as Judge Exias, who was sworn in today, was a prior  judge in our village," Village of Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Yisroel Eisenbach shares with Rockland Daily. " so it is with  mixed feelings emotions that I came especially to wish him well as he goes forward on a new journey in life as a family court judge."

"Rockland is very proud of the three judges that were elected and sworn in this afternoon," Rabbi Hersh Horowitz, Executive Director of COC, shares with Rockland Daily. "Judge Lenny Schwartz, Judge Rolf  Thorson, and Judge Chris Exias all are very fair and honest people and will definitely work to make a difference for Rockland."

Photo Credit: Scott Waters

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