New ‘Vinderkind’ on Shelves Now

New ‘Vinderkind’ on Shelves Now

With the new month of Adar א comes a spectacular new edition of the Vinderkind magazine and USB on store shelves now. This edition—like all Wunderkind packages—is jam-packed with content for reading and listening., delivered by top-notch singers and storytellers. 

It is no wonder that the product has taken the world of the Tinnokos Shel Bais Rabban by storm. 

The Adar א edition, packed with content promising to keep your child busy for many, many hours, featuring: 

1. עיבור יאר: R’ Yoel Braun sings a beautiful song about why Chodesh Adar is split in two, accompanied by the children’s choir of R’ Volf Spitzer.

2. די פארכאפטע ארון : A terrible tragedy- The holy Aron is taken by the Plishtim! Experience our history as if you were there! A dramatic reenactment by professional actors.

3. דעם רבינ'ס בער: Unbelievable story related by the renowned storyteller R Yitzchok Tzig, accompanied by dramatic music and realistic sound effects.

4. דער פארשטעלאכץ מייסטער: Get inside knowledge and learn fascinating facts about the entire field of designing, manufacturing, and selling costumes by R’ Yossi Itzkowits, the biggest costume manufacturer in the United States and owner of Toys 4 U.

5. ביים דאקטער: Hilarious comedy track based on the fish tanks in doctors’ offices, played by ילדי חן.

6. איניינעם: Beautiful song that teaches Middos Tovos, sung by the choir of R’ Eliezer Weiss.

7. דער משולח: Come along on a fascinating trip with storyteller R’ Matisyuhi Green, who travels around disguised as a schnorrer and Baal tzedaka, while we enrich our knowledge and learn many important הלכות.

8. ניגונים מישמאש: Have fun with a great game that’s played while listening to the recording.

Grab your edition of Vinderkind today, and enrich your children's lives all month!

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