Mystery Microsoft AI Event To Take Place This Morning

Mystery Microsoft AI Event To Take Place This Morning

by Rockland Daily Staff

Microsoft Corporation will hold an event this morning at 10 a.m. at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. 

The company announced on Monday that it will "share some progress on a few exciting projects."

Speculation abounds as to what the mystery event might be about, with the assumption that the proceedings will revolve around the company's efforts to throw its hat further into the ring of artificial intelligence integration, including the possibility of adding OpenAI's ChatGPT bot into the Bing search engine. It is believed this will be the way to offer more precise answers to searches instead of providing a list of links in response to a search.

ChatGPT software debuted in November. The software automatically generates text based on written prompts in a much more advanced and creative fashion than past chatbots. 

In the field of artificial intelligence and ongoing competition in the field of generative AI, the ability to generate new content from digital text, photos, and art is becoming increasingly ambitious as corporations vie to get ahead in the field.

Microsoft's competition, Alphabet Inc.'s Google, announced the release of a ChatGPT rival called Bard on Monday, triggering Microsoft's announcement minutes later. Bard can allegedly generate detailed answers to simple prompts, such as what to do with an ingredient or how to plan for a trip. Additional features are said to include offering users responses to questions that don't have just a single correct answer. 

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