Monsey to Bring In Shabbos With Music

Monsey to Bring In Shabbos With Music

By Rockland Daily Staff

This Friday, a new sound will be ushering in Shabbos in the Route 59 and Remsen area. 

As we reported here, the Satmar Kehila is nearing completion of a new shul on South Remsen St near RT-59. The Kehila has installed a new Shabbos bell on its roof that will be playing Shabbos songs to welcome Shabbos.

Until now Monsey has only had the regular Shabbos alarm that rings  before the zman and then once again at the zman. This innovative new bell will be bringing in Shabbos with warm songs and harmony instead, spreading the true peacefulness of Shabbos around the neighborhood. 

Make sure to keep an ear out on Friday to hear the music letting you know that Shabbos is about to start!

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